Friday, May 1, 2009

Open for Business!

Our long awaited Glory Motor Works shop is finally ready for Los Angeles's sick and tired 
(bikes). I've spent a little longer than I should of on the build out, but it's close enough to start working. Obviously, we'll work on all British machines and American V-twins of all eras, but we'll also take in the stray Italian, German or Jap.... Bring it on. The new shop is located at 2467 Fletcher Drive in Silverlake. It's definitely by appointment only, so don't drop by to check it out unless you have coffee and/or chocolate doughnuts. Not all chocolate, but the normal raised kind with chocolate on top. That is very important. We've started it all off with a couple of Triumphs, a 30's Sport Scout and a late 30's HD 45. Call for appointment (323) 270-5679.

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