Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lagerfeld and a Red Rapide!

We just got a great new batch of Fred Perry gear at the shop. It really is great classic stuff. Along with the FP, the summer stock is starting to roll in. Loads of Penguin, Red Wing and some great new tees from a company called "The Last Match". Look for the last match tees hitting the GLORY site soon!
What's really cool, is the limited Edition Karl Lagerfeld helmets from Ruby these are very limited edition, and we only have a few at the shop, so best to move fast. Rumor has it that a certain Sex Pistol snatched up the first one we got... Please call the shop (323) 644-5679 for details!
Over at Glory Motorworks, a spectacular 1952 Vincent Rapide in RED was just acquired. Rescued from a barn in Central California, the bike is two owners from new and has 8500 original miles!
After it's re-commisioned at the shop, it will be on display at Glory on Hollywood Blvd. Sounds like a reason for a party at the store...