Monday, May 4, 2009


Get ready for X-Mas 2009! We've just finished the prototypes for our new range of Leather Jackets. The fist two models that we will be producing are the MANX and the RAPIDE. The Manx sports the red stripes on the front, as well as extra padding on the elbows and shoulders. The Rapide is the in town or touring version with two front pockets and all black construction (except for a few hidden details in red...) We use some exceptional steer hides that are heavy enough in weight, but still very wearable and soft. It was tough to find leather that had the right look and shine, but not be too heavy to ever wear in Southern California. The jackets are made right here in the USA, and I couldn't be happier with the results. The prototypes are lined in Chambray, but I may go with a plaid for the production. Not sure yet. The price is going to land at about $695 for the RAPIDE, and $750 for the MANX. They should be ready for October or Sept. of this year. The first run will be a limited Edition of 50 each that will be hand numbered! These came out perfect, and I'm really happy with them. We'll soon put a link on the GLORY site for pre-orders.

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