Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Flat Head Exhibtion

The past few days have been spent talking a bit broken through a translator, but I think the point is getting across. The Flat Head has tons of customers all over Japan, and they all seem to really like the Glory gear. The leather jackets are a big hit. They really are killer. We're also seeing a really good response with the Coop shirts. They'll also be available in the US store. Last night I went to dinner with  Mr. Kobayachi (Flat Head president), some famous Japanese comedians, some customers, and the entire staff of the Flat Head. It was great. Everyone got really drunk and I taught them filthy sex slang. I even made some new stuff up. "heel juicer" being my favorite new one. It could also make it's way onto a Glory shirt...It's also very funny to ear a Japanese guy say "hot carl".  Today is more of the same. It also looks like I'll be back in August for the "Super Weekend" in Nagano. It's a massive hot rod show in one of the stadiums that they had the Olympics in a few years back.

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