Thursday, May 28, 2009

The bikes are piling up...

We've been getting loads of bikes coming through the doors of the new Motor Works shop. Some good, some bad. I've forgotten what it was like to have to constantly turn out work everyday, and take in most projects and quick repair jobs. In a way it's no fun, but tit's certainly keeping me on my toes. I've got a great '48 Rapide going up on the lift that hasn't been run in over 10 years. The great thing about Vincents is that they are so god-damned bullet proof. About every other day I boot myself in the ass for selling my Comet. I've still got a nice line on a Comet motor that I want to stuff into my featherbed frame. I'm going to try and work out some horse trading to get that motor in my grubby mitts. The shop is still in the "set up" mode. I swear I'll finish it soon. If all goes well, today I'll buy all of the steel to finish making the shelving that sits over head high (well, my head) . That should clear up the floor and allow me to finish my interior decorating. Because as we all know, the most important part of setting up a bike shop is the interior decorating.


  1. Can't wait to come down for a visit!!!

  2. Next time I in L.A ill drop by and see the new workshop. Great store, good taste. Thanks. I´v put your link up on my blog. All the best from Copenhagen and say Hi To Matt van Dice next door from Cay