Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Japan Re-Cap

I'm back from Japan for a few days now, and back to the grind stone. The jet lag has faded and it's back to finishing some bikes at the Motor Works, and starting to make the next round of Glory gear. The Flat Head exhibition is always a real kick in the ass. I look at tall of the great stuff that these guys make, and it really makes me wonder what happened to the American clothing industry. It's kind of a shame that the best classic American style clothes are built by Japanese companies. It's even more of a shame that no one in the USA seems to give a shit that there are some companies that only produce their goods here.  In fact, I can't really figure out what we produce in the USA anymore. Starbucks? Shit rap music? Who knows?I'm no economist, nor do I pretend to be overly aware of trade policies, but as a normal guy with a small business, it just seems that the American manufacturing industry (or lack of) is a source of the countries problems. We have lost the idea of self sufficiency. Do you really need to buy vegetable from Mexico when there's a farm down the street? Clothing is a great example. The USA was the power house of making clothing not too long ago. If Americans bought more clothing made in America, it seems to me that the once booming apparel manufacturing industry would put a lot of people back to work. This should carry over to all industries.  These people have jobs / money to spend on goods. People without jobs have no money. People with no money do not spend money.  Simple right?Our industries, however, have to get off of their asses and produce good stuff (I'm talking to you Detroit & Milwaukee). The fact is that at our small level in the denim world, we're able to produce our gear in Los Angeles and still make a decent profit. We can't buy fucking mink coats or helicopters, but we can buy groceries and support our families. Do you think that this bank bailout money will actually open growth capital for small business? Not a fucking chance. All of those billions are staying in the banking system to be traded back and forth between the fuckers that almost collapsed the world. It's disgusting. The GREED of large corporations have literally  strangled us all....Sorry, had to get that off my chest.
Japan was great, and it looks like Glory will be reaching more and more shops in Japan. Hopefully next will be our own back yard... 


  1. I was thinking the same thing the other day when I went to buy some apples and they were from Calif. and I thought.... We grow apples! Where are the Apples from around here!!! Or.. why would I buy vegetables from China!!!! I want a Fonzie shirt!

  2. I like your opinions about about purchasing American made products, I always look for the made in USA label but it is getting harder to find. By the way I love you jeans and shirts, I made a trip out to LA from Detroit last summer and stopped by for some fantastic American apparel. Your upcoming leathers look look like just what I want provided I can get my correct size online, it would look great with my Davida helmet purchased at your place. I am on the email list so let us know when they are available. By the way I work for Ford and in case you haven't read any reviews we have several models that are on par or better than the imports! GM and Chrysler are also improving although money is not flowing very well. We need to change peoples attitudes toward Detroit made vehicles. Good luck on all your business and I hope the poor economy is not hurting you like it is in MI.

  3. I try to buy local products whenever possible. Organic produce from the local farmers, dairy from Montebello..... All this outsourcing to other countries and corporate greed is killing our country, literally. Corporations like Monsanto that poison people with their garbage and the neocons that help them do it need to be stopped. The most unpatriotic thing you can do is support the government and corporations that thrive off of this evil behavior.