Thursday, April 16, 2009

The wonderful world of fashion

Today was spent in the ass crack of California, pushing a Norton Commando from spot to spot for photos. It was the typical editorial shoot for a high end fashion magazine. Hot model chick done up in goofy "biker" clothes and the ever present "bad Boy" male model. It was total Zoolander.
To his defense, he took to riding the bike very well and he was a pretty nice guy. Of course, the bike kept fouling plugs. It was being dropped off to the shop to be re-jetted. I guess I should have done that before taking it on the photo shoot. We shot at Club Ed which I'm all too familiar with. I've done a few photo shoots there, and we spent a lot of time there while filming Hell Ride.  Lots of interesting characters creeping around there...  This could be the birthplace of meth labs. 

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