Saturday, April 18, 2009

Blue Star

This morning I met up with Director Gary Chapman in downtown LA. I've known Gary for about as long as I've lived in LA. He was even around helping me build out Glory when we first moved in way back in 1999. Gary is one talented fellow when it comes to most thing having to do with art ( you should see his interpretive dancing). He also owns the '39 Chief that we used in Hell Ride as well as a few other oil spewing old heaps. A few years ago, Gary directed a great animated movie called Valiant. Animated Nazi Hawks and War hero Pigeons! If you haven't seen it, check it out.
We had breakfast at the Blue Star Restaurant . The Blue Star is a great place surrounded by LA's scrap yards and recycling centers. Rusty metal and aluminum shards everywhere! Our good friend Paul Greenstein (more about him later) cooks breakfast there every Saturday morning. It' a great spot and should really become a Saturday morning meeting spot for those of you who actually get to ride motorcycles for fun. The corn beef hash is killer!

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