Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I got a note today from Hans the German. Hans Sures and his lovely wife Elke Bock are responsible for the Glory book as well as many of the images that we use for catalogues and on the website. Like Sonny and Cher, only making images instead of good vibes.  They currently are a couple of Germans living in London, but I want them to come to the USA. Hans has done many of the Harley Europe catalogues as well as done work for many big time companies like Shelby Cobra and Land Rover; whoever the hell they are. Hans the German is the idea / layout man. Elke is the photo gal. She is a top notch portrait documenter, and is also no slouch at shooting bikes. They've combined their talents to start up a design house called Twenty- Three so if your on that side of the pond or this side. Hit them up for some work. The more work that they get from other people, the more "liberal" the payment terms get for Glory.

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