Sunday, December 13, 2009

New Gloves and new a new Ruby!

Last week, I took the kids to the Long Beach show to look at the new bikes. Besides almost having a nervous breakdown from bad kids, I saw two cool things. That's right, only two. The first was the 896 Ducati Hyper Motard. It's about time they built this bike as a usable city bike. The bigger one is fast and all, but handles like crap at low speeds, and is a bit heavy for the zig zagging of LA traffic negotiations. I had a 750 Monster once. It was perfect. It was way lighter than the 900 and still did 120 on the freeway. I keep wondering if the bike manufacturers are paying attention to the growing number of younger riders and small wallets. It certainly is the reality from where I sit. The other cool thing I saw was a range of California made gloves from Lee Parks Design. These are spectacular! I ordered the "Tour" model which is short, and the "Sport" model which are more like gauntlet style. They arrived at GLORY yesterday and are available in the shop now. We'll hopefully get them up on the website this week. I also spent some time with our good friends from Ruby. They brought me this new Black & White Cheque! I've got only one size MED in the shop right now. There were only two, but one went to Texas on Friday. We're also going to start the Glory/Coop model Ruby! Coop and I will start the design process soon. It will be killer!!