Friday, August 7, 2009

Vincent party and Garage Sale! August 14th & 15th

It's going to be a busy week getting ready for the weekend's events. It's been a while since we've done anything cool over at the shop, so I figure that we should make this one spectacular. 
I'm really excited about having "Big Sid" Biberman and his son Matthew here. Sid is one of the best Vincent tuners who's ever been, and matthew has just written a great book documenting their build of the "Vincati" (a Vincent twin motor in a Ducati chassis). So, from 3:00-7:00 on Friday the 14th, we'll have the Vincati in the shop and Big Sid and Matthew will be signing books.
It should be a really cool afternoon and definitely a once in a lifetime chance to see the bike. As the afternoon progresses, we will have the Southern California Norton Owners Club "Prince of Darkness" ride meet at the shop around 7:00 or so. That's always a fun little ride. They'll leave the shop and plow through Hollywood to Bob's Big Boy in Burbank. If you've never been to Bob's on a Friday night, it's a great time. They do a Classic car night on Fridays and although over run with old men, it really is a good time. OK, so after the good clean fun, it's off to the Big Foot Lodge. This is going to be a great party. We're teaming up with the tea bags from DicE Magazine for a night of booze soaked mayhem. There will be plenty of bike parking, cheap beer, and women of questionable moral character.  Can it get any better you ask?  YES. The evening will be DJ'd by legendary artist Coop! Holy Crap!
On Saturday morning after we wake up from the party, it's our first annual Glory Garage Sale. We're clearing out all of the stuff from our store room as well as having a massive sale on the good stuff that's in the shop right now. It's not just the crap we can't sell, this is top of the line good stuff. Look for "you're killing me Larry" prices and remember CASH IS KING! We will be doing some heavy bargaining for greenbacks, but we're not really interested in helping the credit card companies make more money off of us all.  Fight the Power. The garage sale will start at 10:00, so get here early, the good stuff will go fast. What a weekend...